Kirsten Jost…

Kirsten Jost
Kirsten Jost Consultant

Kaiserswerther Strasse 282
40474 Düsseldorf

Phone: +49 211 239 554 30
Fax: +49 211 239 554 29

…after completing her apprenticeship in hotel management Kirsten worked in Germany, Great Britain and Switzerland. She joined the Konen & Lorenzen family in August 2008 after visiting the hotel management school in Berlin. Since then she proofed her versatility and flexibility by fulfilling a variety of positions as Office Manager or Consultant for the teams Admin, Rooms and now Executive. She is a passionate networker and likes to pair people, who otherwise possibly never met for successful cooperations.

Fun Fact: Family & Friends, travelling, culture and good food

Motto: Never catch to stop, never stop to begin. (Marcus Tullius Cicero)